Version 1.1
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There are approximately 59820 fingerprints in database

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Buy key Free for Chrome desktop.

How to use

Download BAS. Get fingerprint and apply it. Change browser fingerprint Change browser fingerprint


You can use fingerprint service for free with tags=Chrome,Microsoft Windows. In this case you are limited with 30 requests per minute.
Request with valid key has 1000 request limit per minute.


You can obtain fingerprint from following url:

TAGS is sublist of follwoing values: Desktop, Mobile, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Phone, Apple Mac, Android, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE
Desktop,Chrome - dektop chrome
Mobile,Chrome - mobile chrome
Linux - any browser from linux
TAGS parameter may be omitted, in that case service will return any browser fingerprint.
KEY is a service key, you can omitted that too, but in that case service will return only desktop chrome fingerprints.
Url example,Microsoft Windows

Service returns json with following keys: valid, message, payload, ua, width, heigh, fonts, headers.
valid is boolean value, indicates if fingerprint operation is successful.
message is string with error message, this parameter is present only if valid == false.
ua is user agent.
fonts is font list, that browser should support.
width and heigh are viewport dimensions.
payload is javascript, which you need to execute on every page load.
headers is headers order.

Everything is implemented in BAS